Wow, what a great weekend to finish on.
A Red Hot Shorts short film showcase, Philomena, Frozen, Withnail & I, The Sounds of Silent playing along to a Chaplin film that first premiered 100 years ago to the day and ended up on Sunday night with two full houses for The Party.

It was important to go out with a classic, funny film as we have had a brilliant time bringing great films back to St Kilda. It’s been a lot of work and everything else was placed on hold but we have been buoyed by the terrific support we have received from the locals and our regulars.
See some of the amazing films we screened here.

We can’t thank you all enough for your support; from the original Pozible supporters, to the Friends of George, to the lovely people who we’ve met along the way.
It’s a shame that the developers always seem to win in this city and you only need to see the films we’ve shown to see what they’re taking away. But… we will be back.
We will keep you on our mailing list if we find another project or check out (my production company) for other events.

All the best

Gus, Lou and baby Axel. x